Top Five Careers in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Being able to do various types of jobs gives you an edge in following your career path. Two fields that you can look into are the areas of social sciences and humanities, which are areas of study for people whose interests are diverse. The reason why these fields are able to provide you with a good coping mechanism is that these fields cover a wider range of subjects. In case you have not made up your mind on which career to pursue, there are various professions in social sciences and humanities that you may be interested in. Please find below some popular vocations and see if one fits your field of interest and skill level.

1. Teaching profession

Sometimes, the teaching profession is looked upon as an inferior career path. Little do people know that teachers are the link from general knowledge to specific fields. The people who follow this career path are degree holders in areas such as social sciences or humanities who become teachers in high school and college levels. Social science and humanities involve analytical thinking and research.

2. Legal assistance and representation

Equally, social studies and humanities fit very well into the pre-law requirement. Legal assistance and representation focuses a lot on social responsibilities and humanitarian principles. This focus serves as a perfect background for lawyers to focus on their social responsibilities. The subjects on history, psychology, human behavior, and political science are significant foundations to the study of the law.

3. Sociologists and community development workers

This career fits well with social sciences and humanities degree holders. Usually, these people have been exposed to the study of human behavior, social relations and the structures, and the institutions and organizations that provide services. Sociologists deal with in-depth social, economic, cultural, political and even environmental issues. With subjects on psychology, sociology, social studies, and the like, this profession can focus on different societal issues.

4. Political scientists and analysts

This profession is very well specialized as it involves the study of public policies and political systems. This is one area where degree holders of social sciences and humanities are needed. The specialization is necessary as politics forms one pillar of the social structure which is vitally relevant to social relations and structure within a society.

5. Anthropologists

This profession generally tackles studying human behavior and cultural development. It entails broad and specific research, analysis and interpretation of human behavior that further deals with socio-cultural and physical development of human beings in their social context.

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