New Beginnings – ABI.Pune Launch and Jumpstarting Your Networking

The technology space in Pune continues to propel with increasing number of international and domestic technology organizations and start-ups. The best talent from across the country studies at the institutes the city offers. You name it and it’s happening right here in Pune. Take the ABI.Pune community launch. Last Friday, July 29, attendees had more opportunities to find individuals in the ABI.Pune tech scene and engage with individuals at the same wave length and passion for technology. My post-launch advice? Make the most of the networking opportunities in ABI.Pune.

Whenever you return impressed with the career journeys of successful women leaders and listen to them talk about the factors that propelled their success – two consistent threads emerge – being passionate about what you do and the importance of networking.

Networking is critical and integral to our career progression. However, while “professional networking” is often priority in our (women) minds, it somehow gets pushed onto the “to do” quadrant. There are several reasons for this. Namely, we are too embroiled in day-to-day work, our social commitments, familial responsibilities such as commitment to children’s projects. Where and how would we find time to network?

The women’s networking forum in my company was a great starting point for me, personally. This group opened amazing vistas for me, connecting me to incredible women and men in my organization. As I look back, each new connect I made or each relationship I nurtured added immense value to my personal development. I had an epiphany, I realized how easy it was to seek help.

Ultimately, I found that networking is not a distant goal that requires any special, out-of-the-way effort. It does, however, require a little bit of direction and commitment. The opportunities are all around us, what remains is filling the void with some initiative, drive and the will to self-propel.


  • Use the same mindset that we have towards exercising. Instead of blocking a chunk of time on the calendar for networking.
  • Make a conscious, ongoing and consistent effort to begin it somewhere. For instance, you could make a conscious effort to have a conversation with a ‘not so known’ colleague from a different team or function.
  • Identify opportunities such as an employee resource group or a CSR activity. You could even join a fun group or volunteer on an internal event organizing committee. Participating in these activities and connecting with the people there is a great way to meet new people.
  • Let the spirit of your work inspire you. As Oprah says, “If you want to accomplish the goals of your life, you have to begin with the spirit.”

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  1. Rashmi Tambe

    Very well articulated Sushma! I am a big believer of “start small to form a habit”. Most of us consider or rather misinterpret networking as wine-n-dine thing; which will consume lot of time. It needn’t be. Simple ways to connect with people over a tea in pantry, at the water cooler, over lunch table, in a corridor, via linked-in, FB and so on – thats all it takes to network. If we make small changes in our interaction, it’s a big step towards networking. And I liked your analogy of exercise!

    1. Sushma Joshi Post author

      Yes Rashmi….and we have personally experienced it at the ABI launch. Just one event got us connected to so many talented women. However, what is also critical is to be consistent with these efforts and not make it a ‘once in a while’ kind of a thing.

  2. Reena Joshi

    Absolutely agree Sushma! It is a great opportunity for us to build our network. The launch event too was fantastic. It was truly inspirational to hear Prameela talk about her experiences. Needless to mention that the panel discussion was motivational too. Hats off to the ladies who pursue their passion apart from the office routine. Above all, it felt great to contribute to the event as a volunteer. Looking forward for more such events!