About Tokyo

The capital and largest city in Japan has long represented innovation, with tech-savvy residents and a bustling city center. In recent years, Tokyo has experienced a surge in startups looking to kickstart the city’s economy. The city is also home to several academic institutions focused on tech, including the prestigious Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Who we are

ABI.Local is a newly launched network of local communities that connects women technologists from around the world to network, find new opportunities and support each other in their careers. ABI.Local communities offer meetups, codeathons, GHC/1 conferences and other valuable events for technical women. We created ABI.Local to help further the mission of, a non-profit dedicated to advancing women technologists. We aim to sustain the inspiration and excitement generated at our flagship event, the Grace Hopper Celebration. As the largest gathering of women technologists in the world, it’s an incredible event – but it only occurs once a year. ABI.Local communities provide a year-round platform for women to network, find inspiration, and advance their careers.