New York

About New York

Over the past several years, New York City has emerged as a technology hub in its own right, establishing itself as an East Coast counterpart to Silicon Valley. High tech, biotechnology and financial services are just a few of the tech sectors thriving in New York. Start-up companies are also rapidly growing in the region. As of 2014, New York City was home to nearly 300,000 tech sector employees.

In 2013, the ABI.NY community launched and began hosting several meetups and networking events. ABI.NY was also the first .Local community to host a GHC/1 event, attracting more than 300 attendees. This one-day event, inspired by it’s much-larger cousin, the Grace Hopper Celebration, showcases local technology leaders and companies.

Who We Are

The current ABI.New York leadership includes representatives from BNY Mellon, Times Inc, Goldman Sachs and Thomson Reuters, among other companies. We host regular events and we are always looking for volunteers and contributors to our blogs and forums. It is our time to lead, New York!