About Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a top global technology destination. Some of the largest international software, technology products and e-commerce companies have established their R&D and Indian business operations in Hyderabad. Large investments and new government policies are being introduced to continue this momentum. In addition to being one of the largest IT hubs, Hyderabad is home to some of the best technology parks in the country. ABI.Hyderabad looks forward to connecting with women technologists in this high tech city and organizing events/activities for women to network, find inspiration and advance their careers.

ABI.Hyderabad is driven by a dynamic group of volunteers from leading organizations. They are passionate about connecting and growing the careers of women in technology.

Asra Jabeen, Google
Aviral Srivastav, Infosys
Bhargavi Nuvvula, Amazon
Bhavana Gannu, IIIT
Charu Srinivasan, Microsoft (Community Leader)
Juhee Ahmad, Microsoft
Kamini Jha, Valuelabs
Kavitha Tumuluri, CA
Nayana Kadiyala, Salesforce
Nivedita Agagrwal, CA
Prasanna Anireddy, Progress Software