Four Reasons 2018 is the Perfect Time for Women to Enter the Tech Industry


We’ve all heard the stories of horrifying sexism in the tech industry. It’s not surprising that so many women have turned away from tech, or had to battle every day for a little respect among their male colleagues.

The gender gap in the tech industry is still very real, even if it is beginning to close. One algorithm showed that it would likely take another 15 years for Google to have a workforce of equal numbers of men and women.

Bottom line? The tech industry has been very unwelcoming to women. Female employees at tech companies have had trouble finding mentors and role models, dealt with sexism during the hiring process and from colleagues, and have generally had to break through more barriers than men. Sound familiar?

Now for the good news. The gender gap in tech is no longer flying under the radar. Britain has begun to demand accountability from employers, requiring companies with 250 employees or more to report their salaries for both men and women. While that’s not required in North America just yet, some companies are doing this voluntarily and making an effort to hire more women.

Now, women like Tory Burch & Sheryl Sandberg are helping lead other women and inspiring them to move past the glass ceiling and take on executive, presidential, and entrepreneurial positions.

These types of changes make now the perfect time for women to enter the tech industry. In 2018, tech companies are actively working to make women feel more comfortable and valued in the workforce.

If you want to jump on a lucrative and interesting career with huge growth potential, check out these four awesome careers in the tech industry.

1. Computer Programmer

Programmers work with different coding languages to create software programs that allow computers to execute certain tasks. Since programmers are needed in almost every field, the opportunities for interesting and fulfilling work in this career are almost unlimited.

Today, programmers typically need a bachelor’s degree to get hired, but there are some associate’s degree programs that can put coders on the path to success. Because programming changes so often and languages fall in and out of fashion, it is key for women who want to enter this field to take note of which language have the most job openings—and be willing to adapt and learn new languages as their career progresses.

Average salary: $82,240 per year

2. Health Information Manager

With an aging population, the U.S. healthcare industry is growing every year. Effective management of patient data has been a key concern as healthcare organizations do more and more of their data management online. About 89% of healthcare organizations have experienced a data breach of patient data within the past two years, putting both the organizations and their patients at risk. Health information managers oversee data management, work to ensure that all of a hospital’s data policies are up to data, ensure data integrity, analyze data, and protect patient privacy. This role is crucial in organizational compliance with HIPAA regulations, and helps to put emphasis on cybersecurity needs.

Women who want to be a part of this growing field should pursue a bachelor’s degree in Health Information Management. Salary varies depending on the role, an applicant’s education level, and experience.

Average salary: $50,000 per year

3. Web Developer

The need for web developers has exploded in recent years, and is expected to continue to grow by 15% from 2016-2026. Almost every business today has a website, which combined with the popularity of e-commerce and software as a service, has increased the need for web developers to build and maintain websites of all kind. Web development is great for creatives, because it provides the opportunity to use design skills to improve the appearance of the site, while ensuring that all elements of the website function properly. Web developers should not only have programming knowledge, but graphic design expertise as well.

Many developers are self-taught, while others hold bachelor’s degrees in fields like computer science and/or graphic design.

Average salary: $67,990 per year

4. Computer and Information Research Scientist

One of the biggest reasons technology is advancing so quickly is the efforts of computer and information research scientists. Women who join this exciting and lucrative field come up with new technology in computing or re-purpose existing technology in an innovative way.

Computer researchers typically need a master’s degree in computer science, but some government positions require only a bachelor’s degree.

Average salary: $111,840 per year

Remember, this is only a sampling of the great jobs in tech women should consider. Get in there are find the tech career that’s right for you—there’s never been a better time!

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