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The 2016 Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) is just around the corner. Amidst the inspiring talks and the new friendships being made, GHC presents an exciting opportunity to find a career in computing. You can prepare for your professional interactions and start your GHC experience early this year with the first two modules of the AnitaB.org Curriculum Series.  

The AnitaB.org Curriculum Series modules
 provide career guidance to women technologists by connecting them with each other and the materials they need, when and where they need them.

Each module contains videos, resources, tips and connected activities that you can use with a group or on your own. A Facilitator’s Map provides guidance on how to lead the group activities.

Module 1, Decoding the Technical Interview, demystifies the technical interview process, helping you prepare and ace everything from videoconferencing to pair programming to whiteboard strategies.

Module 2, Designing Your Career in Computing, lets you creatively map out the many different computing career paths available to you. It showcases the connections among different areas of computing and provides persistence strategies to help you succeed and stay in the field of your choice.

Take the pre survey (links above) to download the module and the post survey to reflect on the impact the module has had on you and your career.

Watch for Modules 3 and 4 available this winter:  Sharpening Your Technical Skills and Getting the Interview.

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    1. Melissa Koch

      That’s great! Let us know how the modules are working for you by completing the post survey for each module you use. You’ll find the link on or near the last page of the module.

  1. Seema Mangaonkar

    I am liking module 2 the most. Intellectual piece of learning and must-follow if one is looking for career growth or change of field or even a start-up….very well executed and excellent resources. Appreciate all the efforts in putting this series together.