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Monthly Leadership call Presents Sam Horn

November 20, 2020 · 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST


We understand during this time many people have questions on Leadership, especially Leadership during times of a Pandemic. A lot of people are wondering things such as “What is the best way to lead individuals during this time?”, “How can I start my own projects at the workplace?”, and “How do I improve in my leadership and ensure others reach their full potential too?”  And these are all valid questions to ask yourself as you work on your leadership skills and the next “thing” that allows you to make an impact and guide others through projects or through situations. 

We believe that leaders are always learning, connecting, and open to being guided.

Join us as we hear from Sam Horn, who will share with us some of the leadership ideas that have gotten her to where she is in life. In particular, Sam Horn is a thought leader in the area of communication. 

About Sam Horn

Sam Horn is on a mission to help people create respectful communications that add value for all involved. She is available for virtual keynotes, workshops, podcasts, and media Interviews on the following topics:

* TONGUE FU! How to Deal with Difficult Peoiple – Without Becoming One Yourself

* POP! YOUR BRAND, BUSINESS AND CAREER: Create a Competitive Edge and Stand Out in Your Crowd

* STORYTELLING IN BUSINESS: Create Communications That Connect and Cause People to Care

* HOW TO GET A YES … IN 60 SECONDS OR LESS: Win Buy-in to your Ideas, Projects, Proposals

* YOU CAN CONCENTRATE: Imporve Your Ability to Focus Anywhere, Anytime

* WRITE HERE, WRITE NOW: Get Your Ideas Out of Your Head and Into the World

* LEADHERSHIP: Give and Get Respect and Create a “Rising Tide Raising All Involved” Career

* WORDS MATTER: Turn Conflict into Cooperation at Work, at Home, Online and In Public

* SOMEDAY is Not a Day in the Week: Overcome Procrastination and Take Action Now, Not Later

Here are two recent podcasts showing how Sam can customize her content and make it inspiring, useful and relevant to your audience and organization.

MindValley podcast with Vishen Lakhiani – https://podcast.mindvalley.com/tongue-fu-how-to-use-words-to-connect-put-people-at-ease-during-these-troubling-times-sam-horn/

SoulTalk podcast with Kute Blackson – http://podcast.kuteblackson.com/sam-horn

Sam’s 3 TEDx talks and 9 books – including Tongue Fu!, POP!, ConZentrate, Wash Post bestseller Got Your Attention? and SOMEDAY is Not a Day in the Week – have been favorably reviewed in Publishers Weekly and Library Journal and featured in the NY Times, Fast Company, Readers Digest, Forbes, INC and on NPR.

Her work has been endorsed by Seth Godin, Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Marshall Goldsmith.

Sam has spoken to a half million people worldwide and for such clients as NASA, National Geographic, Accenture, Cisco, Boeing, Intel, American Bankers Assn. YPO, EO, Capital One, Four Seasons Resorts, Asian Leadership Conference, Nationwide.

Her consulting clients include former Presidents of NSA, ICF, ASAE, SHRM, EO and many influencers including Terry Jones, founder of Travelocity, Sheri Salata, former Exec. Producer of the Oprah Winfrey Show, Sandra Joseph,10 years as Christine in Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, Mike Wien, Ironman Triathlete, Nell Merlino, co-founder of Take Your Daughter to Work Day, Larry Lynch, fomer Director of the Disney Institue, Kian Gohar, former Exec. Director of X-Prize.

www.INTRIGUEagency.com www.TongueFu.com



November 20, 2020
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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