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Hopperx1 New York City

November 4, 2019



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Hopperx1 New York City is a one-day locally organized event modeled after our Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC). This immersive event brings together women technologists at all levels – along with leading companies from industry, academia, and research – to build relationships, learn, and advance their careers.


The Call for Participation is now closed. Thank you for your interest. All applicants will be notified by August 23.

Our objectives include

  • Deliver opportunities and tools that allow women to grow, learn, and develop across the entire technical career path, including student, academic, re-entry, and transitional stages
  • Advocate for solutions that benefit women across multiple dimensions, including race, sexual orientation, age, religion, ability, and temperament.
  • Champion women technologists in industry and academia by calling for accountability, transparency, and lasting change.
  • Shatter cultural perceptions that limit women in their quest to build meaningful careers and claim positions of influence in technology
  • Strengthen our collective, diverse voices, showcase women Innovators. Hopperx1 New York City offers a platform for local women to present and discuss their work. Apply to give a talk or lead a workshop.

Questions? Email: hoppernyc@anitab.org

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Call for Speakers

There will be three conference tracks for Hopperx1 New York City covering a wide range of fields for every technical woman. These include Career / Diversity & Inclusion, Emerging Technology, and Startup/Entrepreneurship track.

Our Call for Participation is seeking high-quality submissions that showcase the latest trends and research, emerging technology, practical experiences, technical solutions and projects led by women in one of the domains highlighted below. We invite perspectives from academic, industry, entrepreneurial, governmental and non-profit sectors. Submissions that explore diversity, inclusiveness and ethical considerations surrounding the technical work are strongly encouraged.

The conference tracks include presentations, panels, and workshops.


The Call for Participation is now closed. Thank you for your interest. All applicants will be notified by August 23. 


There are three conference tracks for Hopperx1 New York City, including:


There has been an increasing awareness among companies when it comes to efforts with regard to Diversity and Inclusion. However, per the 2018 McKinsey “Women in the Workplace” report, that awareness has not translated into meaningful progress, and the proportion of women at every level in corporate America has hardly changed.

This track provides a platform for attendees to discuss their experiences, strategies and thoughts that have helped advance careers. Proposals that present a unique perspective with clear takeaways are preferred. Topics of interest for the career track include but are not limited to:


  • Automation-proof your career
  • When men mentor women
  • Workplace trends in gen Z
  • Social entrepreneurship at work
  • What is your brand?
  • Stepping into the spotlight
  • Fomo sapiens
  • Career 2.0: transitions, returnships
  • Psychological safety at work
  • #futureready
  • The role of the gig economy in solving the working mother’s struggle
  • Couples that work
  • Work after #Metoo
  • Make yourself Heard
  • Managing burnout

Diversity and inclusion

  • Intersectionality and its impacts
  • LGBTQI in the workplace
  • Employee resource groups: identity or label?
  • Designing workplaces for diversity
  • EQ, IQ and Empathy in the workplace
  • Deep vs Surface level diversity: optics and thinking

This track provides the opportunity to create awareness around technical innovations and research, industry trends , biggest challenges , untapped opportunities and new skills needed to advance careers in these area.  Below are few technologies that we would like to focus on . We welcome technical and non technical submissions, talks, workshops, tutorials, and demos that describe theoretical foundations, practical implementations, novel applications, and open source efforts in emerging technologies. We also welcome submissions that discuss the intersection of these emerging technologies with other existing fields and career growth opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Building Trust
  • Applied AI Versus Generalized AI  : challenges and opportunities
  • Industry challenges of  adapting AI.
  • Building new skills in Organisations as AI takes over.
  • Impact of AI on business and society
  • Interacting with AI
  • AI Application Areas Banking, Healthcare, IoT.
  • Natural language processing
  • Neural Networks

Machine Learning

  • Unsupervised Machine Learning Versus Supervised
  • Deep Learning.
  • Reinforcement Learning.
  • Predictive Learning.
  • Knowledge discovery and data mining
  • Search and recommendation
  • Handling developer Bias
  • Privacy
  • Data accuracy and contamination
  • Architecting data pipelines


  • Blockchain Application Areas  financial transactions, the Internet of Thing, manufacturing, supply chain management, transportation, Healthcare.
  • Security, privacy, and trust of blockchain.
  • Future of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
  • Achieving standardization and interoperability across Blockchain implementations
  • Challenges in adoption : Scaling and performance
  • Intersections of blockchain and AI.
  • Smart contracts, distributed ledger, Consensus

Data Science

  • Data pipeline (e.g. from acquisition to prediction)
  • Heterogeneous data integration
  • Data management, including quality and lineage
  • Infrastructure, cloud, and distributed applications
  • Data Scaling
  • Data analysis (e.g. statistical, in situ, real-time)
  • Streaming algorithms and other novel algorithms in support of data science
  • Cloud and distributed data analysis

Other Topics

This track will also consider submissions in other emerging disciplines. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Technologies @ scale
  • Crypto-Anchors
  • Open Source

While women founders still get only 2% of VC funding, recent research by BCG & MassChallenge shows that startups “founded by women are significantly better financial investments” and return more than 2x more for every dollar of funding than all male teams.

NYC is both the best city for women entrepreneurs according to Dell’s 2018 Women Entrepreneur Cities Index and, as of 2019, New York City is also the best place on the planet for technology and startups, beating out San Francisco thanks to unparalleled access to large pools of both capital and talent.

Here and now is the best place for a woman to start her new business! The Startup/Entrepreneurship track provides a platform for attendees to learn and discuss a variety of topics to help understand what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Proposals that present a unique perspective with clear takeaways are preferred. Topics of interest for the career track include but are not limited to:



Careers in Startups

  • Finding and validating a great startup idea
  • Moving from corporate to startup and vice versa
  • Finding the right co-founder & building an early stage team  
  • Building a minimum viable product or prototype
  • Growing & scaling your startup quickly: marketing, PR, & Biz Dev
  • Fundraising & pitching the right way for an early stage startup
  • Sources of funding: VCs, Angels, Friends & Family, accelerators & incubators, alternatives

Submission Requirements

Speaker selection for any Hopper conference is highly competitive. To improve your chances of being selected, we recommend that you closely follow the speaker submission requirements.

General Requirements

  • Word count: Abstract – maximum 400 characters. Proposal – maximum four pages; three pages for submission content and one page for speaker bios. Only abstract will be published to attendees. We will not edit these, so please pay attention to formatting and grammar.
  • Font size: Minimum 10-point font. Use a common font such as Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman.
  • Audience: Use for career-related submissions to indicate your target audience. Understanding of the audience and tailoring the submission as such ensures a higher chance of success. If your submission is accepted, the audience label will be at the discretion of the track co-chairs.
  • Expertise level: Use for technical submissions to indicate if the proposal is aimed at the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced levels. If your submission is accepted, the audience label will be at the discretion of the track co-chairs.
  • Templates: Download a starter template from the “Session Formats” tab.

Session Formats


Panels let a group of individuals convene and discuss/offer opinions on a specific core point of contention. Diverse, cross-organizational, or interdisciplinary panels are strongly encouraged to ensure breadth and depth in discussion.

  • Eligibility criteria: Subject matter experts from industry, academia, government, or non-profit
  • Number of panelists: One moderator and three to four panelists. No two people from the same organization (company or institution) can be on the same panel. Please indicate in your submission if the moderator has had previous experience moderating a panel.
  • Presentation time: 60 minutes.
  • Template: Use the Panel Starter Template to guide you.

Presentations allow a subject matter expert to share their in-depth knowledge about a particular technical or career topic.

  • Eligibility criteria: Subject matter experts from industry, academia government or non-profit and PhD students.
  • Number of presenters: One presenter per presentation. Tag-team presentations are not permitted.
  • Presentation Time: Plan on 25 minutes including Q&A.
  • Template: Use the Presentation Starter Template to guide you.

Workshops are presenter-lead, structured training followed by in-depth discussions, exercises, or problem solving. They are interactive by nature and typically require 2 to 3 facilitators.

  • Eligibility criteria: Subject matter experts from industry, academia, government or non-profit.
  • Number of presenters: Two to three facilitators.
  • Audience size: Please indicate your preferred and maximum audience size for an effective workshop.
  • Presentation Time: 60 minutes.
  • Template: Use the Workshop Starter Template to guide you..


We welcome people of all genders and backgrounds to attend Hopperx1 NYC. General registrations will go on sale September 18.


Sponsors are a key facet of our community and through Hopperx1 NYC play an important role in building a collectively strong, diverse and inclusive tech community.

As a Sponsor, your organization gets an opportunity to support an event aimed directly at improving Diversity and Inclusion in the tech industry. It is a great way to showcase your commitment and support for women in tech, engage and encourage your current employees by giving them an opportunity to leverage all the conference has to offer and recruit top local-talent at our career fair.

Sponsor Levels & Benefits

Prospectus is available to download.

Download to see our corporate level sponsorships.

If you are interested in sponsoring Hopperx1 NYC, please contact: BusinessDevelopment@AnitaB.org




November 4, 2019
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