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Why I Contribute to Open Source

July 4, 2020 · 9:00 am EDT


Heard about open source, not sure what’s in it for you? Need a boost to begin? 

This event will give you an understanding of the motivations  of individuals who contribute to open source. Open source contributors with varying experiences will be there to share their journey and answer your questions!

During the last 15 to 20 minutes, attendees can ask any questions about contributing to open source.




Karuppiah is always trying to explore new things in breadth and looking for ways to make software and code simple to understand and efficient to run; Wondering what happens behind the scenes of market products and trying to guess and reverse engineer implementations. He likes to contribute to open source software and help the open source community. He is currently working as a Software Developer at ThoughtWorks.

Social Links: GitHub , Twitter , LinkedIn




Jennifer Parak currently works as a Software Developer at ThoughtWorks. She graduated in 2016 with a degree in Advanced Computer Science from The University of Sheffield, UK. Having started her career working with Microservices in a Java/Spring Boot environment, she recently found herself working with smart ecosystems and developed a great passion for it. She’s also a passionate advocate for Diversity in Tech and Open Source projects. Through Google Summer of Code, Jennifer got involved with Open Source projects hosted by Systers / AnitaB.org both as a student and later on as a mentor. 
Email: jennifer.parak@thoughtworks.com 
Social Links: LinkedIn



Srinivasan Sekar is a Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks. He loves contributing to Open Source. He is an Appium Member and Selenium Contributor as well. He worked extensively on testing various Mobile and Web Applications. He is specialises in building automation frameworks and designing program level QA strategy. He has also spoken at various conferences including SeleniumConf, AppiumConf, FOSDEM, QuestForQuality, SLASSCOM, BelgradeTestConf, etc.

Social Links: GitHub , Twitter , LinkedIn



Meenakshi Dhanani is a recipient of the Google Anita Borg Scholarship Asia Pacific 2016. She is an application developer at ThoughtWorks, Pune. Besides consulting as a developer, she also plays the trainer role for budding ThoughtWorkers, and she is currently working on an open source agent based simulation platform on an India level, called EpiRust, where she works majorly on the frontend that uses React. She also is a part of the AnitaB.org open source teams and volunteers as the Developer Advocate, and is a GSoC 2020 mentor for AnitaB.org project – Bridge in Tech. 

Social Links: GitHubLinkedInMedium


• 9:00 am – 9:05 am   → Intro
• 9:05 am – 9:40 am   → Panelists’ Discussion
• 9:40 am – 10:00 am → Open Q&A
• 10:00 am → Closure

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

• 6:30 pm – 6:35 pm  → Intro
• 6:35 pm – 7:10 pm  → Panelists’ Discussion
• 7:10 pm – 7:30 pm  → Open Q&A
• 7:30 pm → Closure

Timezone: India Standard Time (IST)


Zoom meeting invite & password will be emailed after registration.


July 4, 2020
9:00 am


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