Is Big Data and Hadoop Development Certification is a right career move


A career in the field of Data Science! There are verities of Job offered for you as Data Analyst, Data Developer, and Data Administrator and each role requires different knowledge area and skill set.
Big Data and Hadoop Development Certification Training can serve the right career choice options for you.
What is Big Data and Hadoop Development Certification?
The word certification state that the training certifies you as a person who is an expert Hadoop Developer and Big Data Professional.
The training covers the concepts of HDFS and MapReduce framework to apply the best Hadoop Development practices, Hadoop 2.0 Architecture to prepare, analyze and manipulate Big Data process calculations and generate high volume and high variety of data that release value. The certification training provides a chance to work on real-life projects on Big Data that tests your ability on apply the principles and practices in the real world.

Who should go for Big Data and Hadoop Development Certification?
Either you are a Software Engineer who performs programming on a daily basis, Manager looking out to implement new technologies in your organization or an aspirant looking forward to making a career in IT field with a basic knowledge of JAVA and analytical skills to apply those concepts in Hadoop, then the training is right for you.
That doesn’t mean that only these three individuals can take up the Big Data and Hadoop Development Certification Training but also Software Engineers, Data Architects, and C-Level Executives can choose to take up the training.
Though you are clear with the requirement criteria, you must do self-assessment as per your long-term career objective to decide if you should go further for the Certification or not.
Reasons that Big Data and Hadoop Development Certification is a right career move!
1. High Demand for Professionals
The competition present in the market makes it difficult for organizations to survive. At today’s business world, Big Data and Hadoop is not just a technological concept. Therefore, market giants spend a potential amount in hiring skilled professionals who can deal with large and complex data using the Hadoop framework efficiently.
2. Adequate number of opportunities
There is a number of job opportunities in Big Data and Hadoop technology. These job roles are for professionals with required skills.
• Big Data and Hadoop Architect
• Big Data Analyst
• Metrics and Analytics Specialist
• Hadoop Developer
• Hadoop Tester
• Hadoop Administrator
• Data Scientist
Having the right skill set can fetch you the role of your interest.

3. Prioritized Globally
The Big Data and Hadoop Development Certification can rank you high on the priority list of organizations. As the demand for professionals is growing rapidly unlike the supply. The lack of skilled professionals results in unfilled job positions all over the world. Therefore, the certification can bridge the skill gap.
4. High salary
Higher requirement and least existence of skilled professional has led to increasing the salary. The studies show growth in terms of salary and job satisfaction for professionals.

The other factors which improve the importance of Big Data and Hadoop Professional are increasing usage of data analytics, structured or semi-structured data analytics across different domains and verities of job titles. A Certified Big Data and Hadoop professional would not just be an added advantage to the organization but a good career choice for you. So if you have decided to take your career further in the field you can go through Big Data and Hadoop: What and Why to get the insights.

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