Allyship Community welcomes all allies who support equity in tech. Learn more about allyship and how you can get involved in our mission to promote diversity.

Allyship Beta Program

We at developed the Sharing the Table: Allyship Beta Program, built off of our gender partnership pilots. This program is aimed at senior technical executives from Partner organizations.

Male Ally Summits

In 2017, we held our first Male Ally Summit in New York. The event, titled “The Role of Male Allies, Advocates, and Mentors in Retaining Women in Tech,” was a half-day workshop that highlighted the lack of female role models in tech, and explained how current mentors, allies, and advocates are tackling it.

In 2018, we hosted the “Male Ally Summit 2018” event. The word “Allies” was dropped in favor of the word “Ally” in order to focus on the individual. This summit explored the definition of allyship, and how individuals can become allies, advocates, mentors, and sponsors in their own right working in parallel with others towards the same mission.

In 2019, we participated in the ASUGSV Summit in San Diego, CA. The summit brought technical women and their allies together for technical content, a space to build community, and to network. We hosted a Women & Allies Lounge and “Allies & Mentors: Addressing Bias, Changing Culture, and Building Systems of Inclusion,” a 40-minute panel focused on mentorship and allyship featuring Natasha Green, Global Community Manager of, Michele Madansky, Co-author of Elephant in the Valley, Adrienne Seal of Spirit Tree Consulting, and David Smith, Co-author of Athena Rising.

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Join us at the next Male Ally Summit 2019 (Information HERE) on November 5th in NYC.