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How do I participate in an Local Community?

The Community is a global community where like-minded people come together online and in person to make new connections, exchange information, and find career opportunities.

To get started, simply click Get Involved, fill out a profile, and join a Local Community in your area. Once you are part of the Community, you can join the discussions and events for a particular city or cities.

If you don’t see a Local Community near you, you can express your interest in helping to get one started.

Are there any requirements for joining the Community?
We encourage women technologists as well as women and men in tech and academia to join us. If you support our mission, you’re welcome here.
I’m a student. Can I join you?
Yes, we welcome all students in Computer Science and related disciplines into our community.
Are there any costs for joining Community?
No. Community is being funded by our industry partners. Community members join for free.
How is Community connected to Systers?
Systers is a sub­-community of Community, where technical women receive community mentorship in a safe and private environment. We encourage all Systers to join the Local Communities.
How is Community tied to launched Community as a new global initiative that will extend the reach of our programs beyond annual events like Grace Hopper Celebration. Community helps bring local communities together throughout the year.
What is Hopperx1?

Hopperx1 is a one-day event modeled after the international Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), presented by This immersive event brings women technologists at all levels together, along with industry-leading companies. Look for a Hopperx1 event in a city near you.

Meet Our Community Leaders

Deidra Freeman
Director of Pathways, Communities

Natasha Green
Senior Program Manager, Communities