Quits Partner Relationship with Uber

Recently, (ABI) ended our partner relationship with Uber Technologies, Inc. This is a rare step for us, but we felt compelled to take action in light of the many serious accusations Uber faces regarding the treatment of women employees.

“Our communities have expressed significant concern about ABI’s partnership with Uber, due to the severity of the allegations,” said President and CEO Dr. Telle Whitney. “We recognize our responsibility to stand up for women in tech and address the issues they face. We continue to welcome and support individual women technologists that work at Uber.”

ABI’s History with Uber

In 2015, Uber expressed interest in working with ABI. Although we had concerns about the company’s reputation, we opened a dialog with Uber leadership and Uber’s internal resource group for women technologists.

At, we work continually with our partner companies to create organizations where women technologists can thrive at all levels.

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